PREVIEW: The Expendables 2 - Trailer and Other Info

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Expendables was no doubt a good action movie nodding towards old school action movies from the 80's. Always warms ones heart to see those 80's action heroes like Stallone, Willis and Lundgren etc. in a new good movie. The actor-lineup was quite phenomenal, and had some of the best newer action stars in it also, like Jason Statham. The lineup definitely gave extra boost to otherwise "good" action movie, kicking it up to "great" category. Arnold's role was sadly very short.

Well cry no more, The Expendables 2 is coming out next end-summer, hitting theaters at August 2012. Along with granting Arnold bigger role this time, cast now also includes Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. That's badass! Something about the movie's intensity also is told by the sad fact, that a stuntman died earlier this year while filming one of the shots. R.I.P.

Shortly the storyline in part Two goes like this:

"Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat."

The cast at this moment should be quite final and includes following actors:

  • Liam Hemsworth ... Billy the Kid
  • Jason Statham ... Lee Christmas
  • Bruce Willis ... Church
  • Chuck Norris ... Booker
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ... Trench
  • Sylvester Stallone ... Barney Ross
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme ... Jean Vilain
  • Dolph Lundgren ... Gunnar Jensen
  • Jet Li ... Yin Yang
  • Scott Adkins ... Hector
  • Terry Crews ... Hale Caesar
  • Novak Djokovic ... Himself
  • Randy Couture ... Toll Road
  • Nan Yu ... Maggie
  • Amanda Ooms ... Pilar

Release dates confirmed so far are:

  • France - August 2012
  • Netherlands-  16 August 2012
  • Canada - 17 August 2012
  • Lithuania - 17 August 2012
  • Sweden - 17 August 2012
  • USA - 17 August 2012
  • Belgium - 22 August 2012
  • Australia - 23 August 2012
  • Denmark - 30 August 2012
  • Germany - 30 August 2012
  • Norway - 5 October 2012

Please enjoy the newest The Expendables 2 trailer below:

REVIEW: Cliffhanger (1993, Renny Harlin / Sylvester Stallone)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

  • Original Release: 1993
  • Director: Renny Harlin
  • Starring: Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow, Michael Rooker, Janine Turner, Lex Linn
  • Running Time: 112min
  • Format: Blu-Ray
  • Budget: $65,000,000
  • Gross: $255,000,000
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If i remember correct, critics didn't really praise too much this film when it came out. When I first saw it as a kid I loved it. Cliffhanger starts with two buddies, Gabe Walker (Stallone) and Hal Tucker (Rooker) climbing on unknown snowy mountains very high on the top. They do climbing rocks as hobby. Hal has his wife with on her first such high mountain climbing trip.

While a helicopter comes to pick them all up from a mountain top and they are using sort of rope and tackle to proceed to helicopter, Hal's wife's equipment breaks up and she's left hanging in mid-air. Gabe tries to save her and catches her hand at the last moment, but fails to hold on. Hal's wife takes a freefall long way down into her death.

Hal blames this on Gabe, and their friendship breaks loose. Gabe changes work and stops rock climbing while Hal remains working on a mountain rescue team. Destiny brings these "friends" back together though. It's not that much later, when a crook called Eric Qualen (Lithgow) and his mercenaries try to hijack and rob money delivery done by aeroplane with an aeroplane - which in other words means mid-air plane-heist. This wicked session takes place on airspace above the very same mountains where Hal's rescue team works at.

Needless to say operation like this can only fail. While trying this crazy stunt, they encounter that the plain to be hijacked has a federal agent within who is not about to give up so easily. Crooks are able to get rid of the guy, but the cases which contain money get loose while transfering them from plane to another and fall somewhere down the mountain range.

The robbers take a rough emergency land on area nearby. Every case fallen out has a transmitter, which can be located. Only thing they now need is a chopper to reach the cases and get out. That's when they're gonna call mountain range rescue team - Hal. Jessie, who's Gabe's ex, get's concerned by sending Hal alone in such bad weather for a rescue mission so she asks Gabe to go after him for help. Eventually both Gabe and Hal find out that they've been asked there for just to help retrieving the money cases that dropped down the mountains.

(Mercenaries and their hostages)

And that's pretty much the very beginning of the movie. This is where the action takes it's pace. While retrieving the first money case, Gabe flees and Hal remains as a hostage. This movie is pretty much straight forward cat and mouse between Gabe and Qualen's staff, while Gabe flees but similarly tries to reach the money cases first and sabotage Qualen's chances to retrieve the money.

Snowy mountain ranges are quite beautiful as a landscape. Stallone does good work while he may not be in one of his toughest roles. He's pretty much every-day's average Jack at the beginning, but learns a trick or two when the action sequence begins. He's pretty much taking the beating most of the time from Qualen's mercenaries but always seems to find a sharp ice pick or to drop bad guys over the edge down the mountains. It's like Rocky taking up beating, but eventually finding his strength at the very end and then finishing up -- like "I've had enough!".

(One of the Qualen's crooks pointing gun at Gabe)

Cliffhanger isn't really anything groundbreaking. It's pretty standard good action flick with fine pace, nice landscape and some decently good one-liners. How about:

"Qualen: I must say, you're a real piece of work.
Gabe: I must say, you're a real piece of shit."

"Qualen: You want to kill me, don't you, Tucker? Well, get a number and get in line. "

Cliffhanger doesn't specifically scare, raise emotions, or shock -- but it's entertaining action movie for sure. Stallone is.. well, regular Stallone. And seeing him toy around with Qualen and his staff bit like Bruce Willis in Die Hard versus the bad guys is always fun. Though comedy doesn't bite just quite as hard. There are three of four decently good fighting scenes, and hatred between Gabe, Hal, Qualen and his mercs is pretty hilarious. Cliffhanger may lack some really memorable scenes and surprises though, and it doesn't build up story or characters very deep way. Death of the rescue team pilot "Frank" (R.Waite), who was tricked to the mountains also like Gabe and Hal, was really only "sad" scene and even it was bit hilarious with Hal screaming "Fraaaank Fraaank nooo!" overly acting, while Frank is shot in slow motion. Lithgow is ok, but isn't perfect for the role of total evil. As positive thing, his acting comes out quite comedic, as the tone of the movie isn't too serious anyways.

(Gabe vs. Qualen)

This movie's a bit like what Red Heat is for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's pretty good, but doesn't quite reach the "great"-factor. And it's not the most fast paced and furious action movie Sly Stallone has done either. The beginning is almost like sad family movie, but luckily the movie speeds up the pace soon enough really never slowing down again. It's bit like on-off setting. Blu-Ray had average quality, not really standing out that much but definetely still improvement over DVD. Recommended for any Stallone fan or any regular action-fan who hasn't seen this one before. I think it manages not to fall in B-Class action movie category though, it's just tad good enough to raise above..

The Good

  • Decent one-liners
  • Stallone bullying to his chasers
  • Snowy mountains setting
  • Fine pace after slow start

The Bad

  • Lithgow is just average for the role
  • Stand-out moments lacking a bit
  • Not very deeply built up character backgrounds
  • Bit "static"

REVIEW: The Shield - Season 6 (2007, Shawn Ryan / M.Chiklis, W.Goggins)

Friday, 23 December 2011

  • Original Release: 2007 (aired)
  • Writer: Shawn Ryan (main)
  • Starring: Michael Chiklis (Vic), Catherine Dent (Danni), Walton Goggins (Shane), Michael Jace (Julien), Jay Karnes (Dutch), Benito Martinez (Aceveda), CCH Pounder (Wyms), David Rees Snell (Ronnie), David Marciano (Billings) etc.
  • Format: DVD
  • Amount of Episodes:  10

The Shield: Season 6

Weird place to start to review The Shield from Season 6. I've seen the previous ones, but since this blog was formed just lately and I just finished watching the season, I think this is the way to go. Shortly, The Shield is one of -- if not the all time favorite cop-serie of mine. Why? Let's do this the other way, bad things first.

Well, there's constantly threatening and blackmailing circle going on between the Strike Team of police and anyone who stands in their way. The dialogue in that part might be bit repetitive sometimes. The good thing is though that all the cases and problems they encounter are very varying -- thus not never really letting it down, despite the solution to the problem is most often threat after another. The pace of The Shield is perfect combination of dark drama and quite gory action -- it doesn't try to pretend anything. It's just pure honest evil, showing dark side of human, and that even police officers can go way past the line without the writer "having to stick in those necessary moral lessons" in each episode. There are good cops, and there are bad cops.. and the bad ones don't always lose.

The plotting in the series is quite complex. The characters go way deep in The Shield, with having many unique characters who have widely different personality. This will constantly make new clashes between the characters, as well as lead to surprising new solutions. Most episodes have several different plots for different characters, which sometimes collide leading two teams into same case. Sometimes a newer episode will continue from events of totally different previous episode on part of some character, if it makes sense. This all just means one thing -- you'd better start from Season 1 if you never watched the series and go on from there. That's the way you'll understand all the relationships between characters better, and things make sense. You'll also learn to love complexity of the plot in this series for sure!

New addition of "Strike Team" Hiatt on right -- missing Julien

Well as mentioned above, this series is about "A Strike Team", one small special unit within local police station called "The Barn", who handle the most twisted and rough cases around. These are the bunch of guys who use excessive force, threatening, blackmailing, even killing without permission to solve problems. In Season 6 Strike Team consists of Vic -- who has rather twisted sense of justice and has biggest influence to everyone in team, Shane -- who constantly messes his life up, Julien who's been just regularly added to Strike Team after Lem's death, Ronnie -- a bit quiet and trustworthy cop who's probably the most morally good person in Strike team, and another new addition called Kevin Hiatt, who's yet bit of a mystery. We'll explain situation of Strike Team in Season 6 bit later, now let's take look on other characters.

So, then we have several other important characters: "Dutch" is typical cop who doesn't do that much field work, but uses his brains more to solve the problems. He is interrogation expert and compiles reports, interviews victims and suspects. He thinks highly of himself but is a bit of a loser, loner, and gets picked on in the work. His new partner in Season 6 is detective Steve Billings, who's a bit similar character, and they get on each others nerves. Dutch has a thing for police officer called Tina, but doesn't seem to have much chance, and Billings is making his best laugh out of it.

We have "good regular cops" Julien and Danni, who originally were partners but have been rearranged in Season 6. Julien is facing pressure to have to work with Strike Team's bad guys, while he's mostly good one with morals, while Danni has been arranged to work with Tina, who constantly makes mistakes on the field. Danni thinks that Tina getting attention and is forgiven just for her looks, while Tina has pressure to show off that she's not only "office pet" but can also do some decent field work. Ex-partner of Dutch, detective Claudette Wyms, takes the seat of Captain in Episode 6, while Lt. Jon Kavanaugh has to step down.

Wyms is reasonable cop with morals, although very direct and may seem cold. And she's constantly after Strike Team's illegal way of handling their job. Then of course the old dog, ex-captain David Aceveda is still around. This guy really sails between good and evil.

So where this season begins? Well it begins pretty much in middle of events, so you'd better have seen Season 5 in case you're heading for 6th. Season 5 ended in middle of things, where current Captain Lt. Kavanaugh was chasing Vic and the Strike Team for their corrupted deeds of the past. He ended up blackmailing Curtis Lemansky "Lem", one of the Strike Team unit cops, to rat out Vic, Ronnie and Shane. The end decision of Season 5 was quite breathtaking, while offering Lem a way to Mexico to flee Kavanaugh, Shane didn't trust Lem to keep his mouth closed about the deeds they had done. So Shane killed their long time member and friend, Lem, by dropping a grenade to his car, just before Lem was ment to leave to Mexico to hide.

Now Vic's furious and wants to seek for revenge of Lem's death, but he has no idea that Shane was the one killing him. Meanwhile Kavanaugh loses his tracks to Strike Team's corruption, since after Lem's dead, his blackmailing approach went down the toilet. Now Kavanaugh is directly after Vic, thinking that he either killed or arranged Lem's death. He tries to come up with made up false proofs against Vic, setting him up, thus getting caught and fired. Then to be replaced as a captain by Wyms -- who hears from her superiors that if she doesn't cut down the crime stats, the police station also known as "The Barn" will be shut down permanently.

Wyms then rearranges things in the police force a bit, mixing the card deck a bit. She puts Julien to Strike Team -- which may not be the best idea 'cause Julien has morals after all. She also sends them a new guy Hiatt to lead them, after hearing a good things about the guy at his reports -- but Wyms is about to be surprised that the new guy is actually not all that "Good". Vic's no longer leader, for he's about to be forced out to retire. Vic's furiously trying to fight against this and buy himself more time as a police officer in Season 6 by any way he comes up to. Usual routine of threatening and blackmailing people, no matter how high it gets. Wyms also sets Danni to be partner with Tina, and Dutch to be partner with Billings. Either of those pairsdon't really enjoy each other much.

That is only the setting in the beginning of the season, and problems don't stop there. I don't want to spoil it all, but let's take a short look. Spoiler alert! The main case of Season 6 is mexican illegals who been found hacked into pieces. This leads Vic and strike team to investigate this mass murder, which seems at first to be gang related, but they soon see that it goes way higher beyond that. Vic has once again to rely on brute force and blackmailing -- this whole case brings his way back with Aceveda. Meanwhile Vic also tries to track down killer of Lem, while person after another seems to be not guilty. After beating up gang leader by large metal chain and shooting him dead, and talking to Antoine, he's running out of suspects untill it hits him - could it be Shane? Shane digs himself deeper by threatening Vic about telling superiors how he (Vic) killed a cop called Terry way back, if something would happen to him because of Lem. Shane the goes his way involving in other illegal activities and blackmailing a mafia boss thus getting his and Vic's family in danger (see episode to know why), as well as screwing just barely legal 18 year old girl, then getting brutally beat up by his father. Now his marriage is on the line too. Can this guy possibly screw up his life any more?

Shane has screwed up once again..

Ronnie hangs with Vic trying to solve the main case and get information what Shane is up to with Vic. Other than that, he's left bit aside. The new guy Hiatt also makes decent debut, but although he's new leader of Strike Team, Vic's still the main influence. At the beginning Hiatt listens Vic, but soon realizes he wants to do decisions of his own. This makes Hiatt and Vic clash a bit. Hiatt's role could had been bit bigger though. He's like in the middle and leaving bit into shadows.

The more interesting chapter in my opinion is the case with "Dutch". He's interrogating and solving crimes as usual, but he's arranged to be working with Billings who he really doesn't like, and Billings doesn't like him much either. They're just fun to watch. Instead of physically clashing, they throw clever verbal threats and insults to each others with fake-smiles. It's just funny to see two of these more loner and loser types trying to get on top of each other. Later on Billings finds out Dutch has a thing for Tina and screws up Dutch's chances just for laughs. Billings talks Hiatt and Tina both seperately telling how hots they have for each others. Then when they get together at evening for a few drinks at Tina's house, Billings sends fake-message to Dutch from Tina to come over. Dutchboy then comes on with bottle of Wine and while knocking the door he hears moans inside -- heads then to the window and you can guess the rest. I was really clapping on that scene! One of the top moments in the Season. But the Dutch's story doesn't end there, don't want to reveal the ending though but it's really.. un-suspected.

Needless to say there's lot of complications and crashes between different characters in Season 6 of The Shield, since Strike Team line-up has been rearranged, Vic and Shane don't get along. Dutch has his thing against Billings, which is also the case with Danni and Tina. Kavanaugh is backing heat on Vic first few episodes and so on. I really enjoyed this Season, about equally than Season 5, although it had very tragic ending.

The low points are that Season 6 begins in middle of things and ends up leaving the whole plot open. The new guy Hiatt doesn't get it going at full speed, although isn't failure either. Ronnie lacks a bit character compared to Shane and Vic in my opinion, although he's decent. It just gets emphasized while he get's more time as a person rather than Strike Team member in this season.

Forest Whitaker guest starring at Lt. Kavanaugh in Seasons 5-6

Other than that it's very action packed with decent amount of drama and touching scenes (though none perhaps reaches level of Lem's death), contains a lot of tension between several characters, and brings different plots together beautifully. Chiklis is tough and entertaining to watch as ever, as is Shane screwing up his life totally. There's some really memorable scenes here like those chopped up mexicans, beating up gang boss with a metal chain, few scenes with Dutch.. The families of Vic and Shane are shown where it makes sense, but luckily they aren't too much involved stealing the pace. Let's not forget good performance put up by Forest Whitaker as Lt. Kavanaugh, although he doesn't show up more than in first few episodes in Season 6. To see more of him check Season 5.

If you're interested at all I strongly advice to start with Season 1 of you'll be missing many things. Very good season all in all.

9 Bullets out of 10

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Many Faces Of Action-Hero - Chapter #1 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This series represents some of the more memorable roles of different movie action-heroes. Chapter #1 focuses on the one that every action fan knows - ever funny macho action star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A short biography

Arnold was born July 30th of 1947 in Austria, Thal. He traveled as poor penniless immigrant to United States in 1968 seeking fortune as a bodybuilder. He acted in hilarious Hercules In New York (1969) and Stay Hungry (1976) gaining bit of a fame, while mainly started out as competitive professional bodybuilder in 1970's getting major success in that field -- winning five Mr.Universe titles and seven Mr.Olympia titles. A bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron (1977) covered majority of his bodybuilding career. In late 70's he took a part to rather unknown comedy Cactus-Jack (1979).


After starting out as professional bodybuilder gaining huge success doing that, and taking a part in few more unknown and rather comedic roles, Arnold's action star era was yet to come. And in 1980's it happened, in the peak of cheesy action movie era. Arnold first took role of Conan The Barbarian in movies Conan The Barbarian (1982) and Conan The Destroyer (1984) and played similar role, Kalidor, in less known Red Sonja (1985).

Rather soon Arnold switched the blade to bullets. First off came out total classic, Terminator (1984), where Arnold played a slow motioned cyborg. Soon after action-hero stardom raised by starring  role in grandfather of one-man action cheesy movies (well at least almost), at least one of the best and most memorable ones. The movie was called Commando (1985) and was quite successful.  He continued the same type of tough guy role with Raw Deal (1986), Running Man (1987) and Red Heat (1988) and Total Recall (1990) -- while taking a step to face an unknown alien specie in classic Predator (1987).

The hints of upcoming, rather lackluster comedies, was already in the air at late 1980's. Arnold did a step off the action-stardom with comedy movie called Twins, featuring Danny De Vito. It was allright but nothing spectacular. He then continued with comedy, but with approach to attract younger audience, and acted in Kindergarten Cop (1990) in rather comedic role. The movie partly was so stupid that it was funny, although lacked major action scenes.

Two memorable action movies were yet to come out, sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), where Arnold would once again take a role of cyborg from future, but this time as a good cyborg rather than evil. One of the best action movies ever was born. Directed by James Cameron and featured also Linda Hamilton along Robert Patrick. Last Action Hero (1993) once again aimed to a bit younger audience, but was very entertaining action parody.

Then the downhill started, True Lies (1994) was still quite good and so was Eraser (1996), though could not match some of the earlier classics. They had their moments. End of Days (1999) was just average, although had potential with Arnold facing Satan himself. 6th Day (2000) was a bit lackluster.

At this period of time Arnold was letting down his action role and trying to play in stupid cheesy children comedies such as Junior (1994), where Arnold gets pregnant. Fail. Jingle All The Way (1996) as a superhero of the city, aimed for children. Totally stupid. And in total failure of a movie, Batman & Robin, as overly cheesy Mr.Freeze. Cheesy even in terms of Arnold's movie career. There's not much to say about his role in Around The World In 80 Days (2004) either as overly wacky Prince Hapi, plus Collateral Damage (2003) was total lackluster. Terminator 3 (2003) was just average and a big disappointment for me, although I'd blame it on director. Sure these movies have some of so overly acted scenes with Arnold's bad accent that it cannot not be funny at times, but overall just very poor, failed movies. The signs of this to come were already in Kindergarten Cop.

Arnold as a Governator

After taking a step from very successful professional bodybuilder to action-movie star, turning his career into children movie star and failing in that area Arnold became a Governor of California. Quite exceptional run of career development indeed. Now that Arnold has left his job as a governor, and also divorced due the scandal of having a children outside his marriage, he's returned into movie business.

Arnold is back in business

Arnold was meant to act in next Terminator movie, but the scandal assured he won't. He did small role in Expendables 1, and lucky enough Sylvester "Sly" Stallone has offered bigger role for Arnold in the sequel Expendables 2, so we'll see what's to come. Other than that Arnold has two other movies listed as "upcoming": Last Stand (2013) as Sheriff Ray Owens and Black Sands as "The Stranger". Interesting to see how these will come out!

Most memorable roles of Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Terminator (T-800)

Arnold in Terminator 1

I would claim this to be most memorable and known role of Arnold among many. In 1984 Arnold played (evil) Terminator model T-800, a cyborg from future, assigned to kill Sarah Connor whos about to give birth to a boy -- a boy who would later on be rebel force commander leading attack against machines. In 1991 he played cyborg again in sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This time he was not set to kill, but set to defend Sarah and his already born boy (to-be last human hope against machines). Last return of the T-800 was in another sequel, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines, which was not that good of a flick, though acceptable.

Be it Terminator 1, 2 or 3 -- evil or good cyborg -- Arnold's trademark was always quite the same. Playing a slow and sluggish cyborg, whereas his bad accent was pretty much understood, afterall how would a cyborg learning human language master it anyway? Arnold just fits into the role as a slow minded, but continuously learning macho cyborg, very well. I'd even claim that while Terminator 2 probably is better (and has different approach, less dark) movie than Terminator 1, Arnold's acting was best executed in Terminator 1. He was just very believable and scary as evil T-800 hunting Sarah.

Arnold was most freaky in T1, in my opinion anyway

Some memorable scenes in Terminator 1 include: while entering the world naked Arnold then runs into group of punks who first laugh, then start to treathen the cyborg -- big mistake. "Punks: Nice night for a walk? Nothing Clean Huh? - T-800: "Your clothes -- give dem to me -- nauh". Other memorable moments were peeling off the skin of the arm and cutting off the the cyborg eye, as well as Arnold entering the police station where Sarah resides, and while told visiting time is over he goes to get his car: "I'll be back" -- just to drive in to reception with the car. Other funny one-liner in T1 is when Arnold is residing in a hotel and cleaner asks "hey buddy, got a dead cat in there or what?" and T-800 is seeking a valid option to answer from it's database, then goes :"fuck you -- asshole" with very stale voice. The gun store scene of T-800 trying to buy modern weapons yet to be invented is also crackup.

Arnold's Hunt for clothes Part 1

Terminator 2 had just as much of the great scenes: of course the beginning, when entering world naked once again as a (good) T-800 and then roaming over a biker bar kicking everyone's ass "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle". What a hilarious scene. Driving around with Harley Davidson blasting with a shotgun, and shooting several cop cars with a minigun from a window in that laboratory, while surrounded by police forces. Shooting iced and frozen T-1000 into pieces while calmly stating "Hasta la vista, baby". What a bunch of memorable acting moments!

Arnold's hunt for clothes Part 2

2. John Matrix

Camouflaged and armed to teeth

Pretty basic action-hero role by Arnold, but perhaps the most well executed of them all after T-800, and man was Arnold on the run here. Arnold played John Matrix in Commando (1985), on a one man mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter and avenge to the crooks. Matrix saves no cheesy one liners, while dragging a helpless and scared woman along the scene of chase. Total testosterone laden comedy the whole action role.

Some really funny and cheesy one liners in this movie: as Matrix cracks the neck of one of the crooks keeping eye on Matrix in aeroplane, he then puts a hat on the guy and states to stewardess: "don't disturb my friend -- he is dead tired". Another one is a wimpy and hopeless crook called Sully taking Matrix to airport, where as a hostage they lead Matrix into plane. Sully makes a crack about Matrix's kidnapped daughter. Matrix then says to Sully: "You are funny guy Sully, I like you, that's why I'm going to kill you last". While chasing Sully later in the movie and finally catching him on a ridge, Matrix holds him hanging over the ridge ready to drop the guy and says: "Remember when I promised to kill you last?", Sully replies "Yes yes! That's right you did!", Matrix then goes "I LAIDH!" and drops the poor sob, hilarious.

The famous I Lied-scene

Few more cheesy one liners are thrown to a green berrett "I eat green berretts for breakfast -- and right now -- I'm very hungry" as well as in the final fight against main bandit Bennett, while throwing a steam pipe through his body: "eat some steam Bennett". Commando also has one of the most memorable weapon armament scenes of action movie history, with Matrix putting on a camouflage paint, and then taking all kinds of arms, rocket launchers and grenades with him. John Matrix is Arnold's reply to Stallone's John Rambo.

3. Conan (The Barbarian)

Sword swinging Arnold

Arnold played Conan in two movies, Conan The Barbarian (1982) and Conan The Destroyer (1984). A restless barbarian out for vengeance (in part one) and to kill evil wizard (part two). Ones who have only seen Arnold in role of a gunslinger will probably wonder, what the hell? But Arnold actually does good job as a macho barbarian slaying his enemies with a large sword. The quite authentic setting and funny acting combined gave Conan films exceptional feeling. They are action-driven, yet adventurous and magical movies. While probably not so many cheesy biting one liners here as in Commando, the role of barbarian in general is just memorable, I mean who wouldn't find comedy in Arnold speaking bad english and swinging large sword through the whole movie?

The most memorable line - Mongol General: "Conan! What is best in life?" Conan: "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." Excellent!

Lamentation of the women-scene

4. Detective John Kimble

Arnold as wacky undercover agent working in kindergarten -- losing his nerves

First truly stupid role of Arnold, in a movie that aimed for younger audience, called Kindergarten Cop (1990). It's just too wacky to be bad. It's so bad it's good, if you know what I mean. John Kimble is like John Matrix trying to teach children in Kindergarten. Totally ridiculous combination. There's no much guns -- there's no that much action -- there's just pure stupidity of overly forced comedy by a man who's best doing comedy when he doesn't try actually to do it -- that it's so idiotic it's hilarious.

I don't remember who wrote the script, but oh boy.. Arnold trying to convince a cop that he is undercover cop and not a criminal: "Hey -- I'm a police officer.. I'm a cop you idiot! -- I'm detective John Kimble!". Arnold teaching children in kindergarten: "Today we are going to play a wonderful game called, who is my daddy -- and what does he do? Who is your daddy -- and what does he do?". Kid: "It might be a tumor", Arnold: "it's not a TUUMAHH!! Not a tumor at all!". Arnold getting angry to a kid who wants to go in to a bathroom and yells his lungs out: "There is no bathroom!" with a strong Austrian accent. You get a picture. This is the role, leading to so ah so many Arnold prank calls.

I'm a cop you idiot-scene

5. Douglas Quaid

Arnold's "face of pain"

Some more cheesiness in a movie not to be taken too serious, yet not meant to be total comedy either. This is sort of Sci-Fi/Action/Comedy. Arnold plays Douglas Quaid who takes a part to a holiday program, which promises ones mind to be able to "dream the vacation" while sleeping and it to feel real. But once things get out of hand, is it really a dream?

First of all this includes most memorable "faces of pain" of Arnold ever. Firstly when fallen a sleep in a chair and tied up, dreaming on his vacation, Quaid wakes up due some sort of a spasm and tries to break free of his chains -- just look at Arnold grinding and making "eaugh eaugh" noises while not able to move. Hilarious! Same goes when he tries to get off some sort of a signal receiver from his nose, which was attached inside his head to reveal his location. Eeugh!

There are also quite many nice one-liners thrown by Arnold with style. A few chauvinistic ones are thrown to his wife, while she throws a cake towards Quaid and misses, he says: "you should not drink and bake". Also later on his wife tries to kill Quaid, and while Quaid avoids it and aims back her with gun, she goes: "Honey we're married" and Arnold says: "consider that as a divorce" with his accent while shooting her. Gold! How macho is that?

Then there's the scene where the crooks are after Quaid, and while facing a dead-end he has a sort of a hologram machines, making ghost images of himself. The crooks then shoot the hologram, and Quaid pretends to be dying, but soon after reveales it's just a hologram and laughs it up. Arnold does his trademark laugh here "hyeaugh hyeaugh hyeaugh", and you cannot but crack up. After last time when it actually is real Quaid and not a hologram he goes: "you think this is the real Quaid ? -- It is!!" and starts shooting. Some totally memorable cheesiness in Total Recall.

The hologram scene - with classic laughter

6. Hercules

Arnold as Hercules, throwing some spear

And as last one there's the Hercules. The movie Hercules In New York was made as early as 1969. Now if you thought that Arnold's aussian-english accent in his 80's movies was bad, check this one out and get shocked. Arnold plays Hercules, who in heaven is bored and wants to visit Earth to seek adventures, but is not awared of modern world, thus totally lost when entering New York.

The acting here is not exceptionally good, actually it's just so sluggish that it's fun. Even more than ever after. Arnold just mostly flexes around with his muscles and talks so bad english that at times it's hard to understand. While he goes to a truck driver: "nice chariot, but where are the horses?", it sounds more like: "nais cheareath pat wheaes zi hoases?". Cracking up for that one. Arnie is also dragging along some old little man who seems to have some weird obsession with muscular Arnold -- never figured out what his story really is except his weird admiration towards Hercules (Arnold).

Also includes the famous fighting scene against most badly ever disguised bear.

Grizzly bear vs. Arnold

7. Mr.Freeze

Arnold as totally over the top and rediculous Mr.Freeze

This movie was called Batman & Robin (1997), and it's really so bad that I'm not sure is it any fun? Well perhaps on some field, but I just cannot stand watching this movie from the beginning till the end. I never have been able to finish it. Arnold though, is just so bad here that it's once again fun. This has to be his worst role ever thus making it more memorable over some others.

Arnold obviously tries to make a world record of using the words Freeze and Ice most time ever in a one movie -- and I don't think it's even a competition. Some famous one liners include: "Freeze well / Stay cool, bird boy / Lets kick some ice / You know what killed the dinosaurs? The ice age! / Allow me to break the ice. / Tonight's forecast, the Freeze is coming", and any other sentences you can come up with related to either ice, frost or cold. How embarassing yet quite funny -- and totally, i mean Totally over-the-top performance. Unfortunately every other actor fails to be any funny in this movie and the general setting and tone stinks, making this one of the worst movies ever made. And what's with the costume, blue face and blue lipstick?

Totally over-the-top one-liners - Freeze!

Discography of Arnold Schwarzenegger (click any link to see buying options):

  • Black Sands (pre-production)
    • The Stranger
  • 2013 Last Stand (filming)
    • Sheriff Ray Owens
  • 2012 The Expendables 2 (filming)
    • Trench
  • 1996 Eraser 
    • U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger
  • 1988/I Twins
    • Julius Benedict
  • 1986 Raw Deal
    • Mark Kaminsky aka Joseph P. Brenner
  • 1979 Scavenger Hunt
    • Lars


REVIEW: LG 42" Television Cinema 3D LED LW450N

It was time to update my old fashioned home cinema with a new TV few months ago, at end summer. I was browsing through Televisions and found decent offering for a 3D LED tv that seemed okay so I bought it. Price I paid few months ago was 860e with delivery included for this LG 42" 3D LED TV, which model is LW450N. I don't have clue if there's any difference to more common LW450U model, as I think they're pretty much the same. I suppose N and U could be country or region code of some sort, N is nordic?

Anyways, I used to have one of those Sony Bravia Engine LCD (KDL-series) TV's which cost around 700-800 euros in Finland like three years ago, even with size of 27". Now it started to feel too small in my current apartment so I went for standard 42". Switching from Sony to LG raised me some questions, whether it would be Quality up par to match Sony, so how does the new LG feel?

LW450N is quite basic model of the new 3D LW series of LG. It has been stripped down on some features comparing to any LW550 and LW650 series, which are also more pricy. However those features were not something I was looking into. The main difference to more pricey models is "SmartTV", which is missing in LW450N. It basically means there is no possibility to connect into internet and web 2.0 services with this model. Doesn't really bother me though, I still've computer to view Youtube and such services.

LW450N and LW550 series both have Trumotion 100Hz technology, while only really expensive LW650 has Trumotion 200Hz, so if you wanna pay much more then you can get 200Hz, but in my opinion 100Hz looks already very nice, crisp and sharp with it's image quality.

The Tv has Cinema 3D technology developed by LG, which basically is advertised as:

  • flicker free 3D image (certified)
  • no crosstalk in image quality
  • light 3D glasses
  • wide "viewing angle"
  • 2D to 3D transformer
  • intellectual power saving
  • Clear Voice II

3D quality, although Ive'nt have that much comparison to other models, looks well executed. In 2D to 3D conversion, the difference is not that big, but it still manages to look pleasant and bit more vibrant / sharp than regular 2D. So I often keep it on, especially with Blu-Ray movies. Seems to be the case that the sharper the picture quality, the better 2D to 3D conversion looks. This means that with all the oldest DVD movies don't make that big difference, but with more sharp Blu-Ray formats do take better advantage of the new system. The glasses are a bit big, but they are light as promised and sit comfortably, thus are nice to use. You can change some options with 3D, even in the 2D to 3D conversion mode, like increase/decrease the depth and effect of the 3D. It's all pretty good even being "passive 3D".

LG 3D glasses are lightweight

Regular image quality is in my opinion very sharp and image is good. Colors are vibrant and contrast looks nice. This Tv has ability to turn certain LED's fully off to increase the darkness of the black areas and create some back-lightning around non-black objects in fully black screen, thus increasing contrast even more. There's no complaints in image quality at all.

Only thing that leaves bit to desire, being decently good also, is sound. While sound is quite good, it's not by any means perfect. The basic sound options are hidden behind "Home" Button of the remote controller, while you can only tune "Clear sound (boosting speech volume)" on "Quick Menu" settings. Why didn't LG make fully controllable sound options available for both menus is beyond me, either or cutting off another menu as whole and fitting them all within one menu. It took me a while to find basic "Bass, treble" settings, since I always though they don't exist after not being seen on Quick Menu, which has sound specific settings on it's own.. I remember my several years old Sony had those basic sound options, but it did as well as did it have also different sound modes: Dolby Surround, Viva Sound etc. which sounded hugely different with each other. I miss those settings. You can switch between sound modes made for different events: Game mode, Movie, Sports, Music, which have their own characters in terms of sound - but don't vary close as much as my ex-Sony tv's sound mode options, which seemed bit more high quality as well.. Movie mode does the sound quite "cinematic" way emulating theater, although perhaps one would get full advantage with adding bigger speakers to the tv. They do decent job, but I'd still like to have some more varying control over the sound options. Yet the overall sound and speakers are not bad by any meaning, though not perfect. "Clear Sound" works well and brings up the speech volume without messing quality in any sound area.

The television and it's panel looks quite plain yet elegant and it's very thin also thus not taking up much space. This television is I think good value for money at this price, and I believe it's price will come down quite a bit within a year. If you don't want to pay extra for internet features (Smart-TV) then I recommend saving and going for LW450N model (or LW450U which is very similar). Should you desire the features then go for LW550 series. For Trumotion 200Hz perfection go for LW650 series. Very good image quality, good 3D with decent features and decent sound, thus lacking some control over it.

One final word: I've read somewhere that these 3D tv's wouldnt do it with games. At least with LW450N that hasn't been the case. I've been playing with Xbox360 both 3D turned on and off, and there is absolutely no problems. I was a bit afraid of this but luckily it's all ok. You may notice some lag if you use it in most input modes, so when you start to play, be sure to switch your input mode to "Game" and lag is totally gone. The connection I'm using is composite cable.

The Good
Value for money
Good Image quality
Good 3D quality (Passive 3D)
Vibrant colors and good contrast
Good looking 
The Bad
Audio options could be better

Rating 88/100


  • Panel Specifications:
    • Technology - EDGE (Led Plus, 32":LED)
    • Resolution - 1920x1080
    • Trumotion - 100Hz
    • Dynamic Contrast Ratio - 7,000,000:1
    • Local Dimming - Yes
    • Response Time (GTG) - 2,6ms

  • Broadcasting System:
    • DVB-T/T2/C - Yes/No/Yes
    • Mpeg-4 - Yes

  • Video:
    • 3D - Yes (Cinema)
    • XD Engine - Yes
    • THX - No
    • 24p Real Cinema (24p 5:5 / 2:2 pull Down)-Hdmi - Yes
    • Expert Mode/ISF Ready - Yes
    • AV Mode (Picture&Sound) - Cinema/Game/Sport
    • Picture Wizard II - Yes

  • Audio:
    • Audio Output (Watts-THD 10%) - 10W + 10W
    • Speaker System - 1 Way 2 Speakers
    • Dolby Digital Decoder - Yes
    • Surround System - Infinite 3D Surround (LG solution)
    • Clear Voice II - Yes

  • Smart-TV:
    • None

My buying Price: 860euroes /w delivery included at 09/2011